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 Bing search  engine debut today on the  1 June, 2009.  I coincidentally run into it and it’s remarkably wonderful to use . Nevertheless, the new idealogy behind it has meet up to my expectation. With the MSN new toolbar added  makes it look like the 21 century search engine. I would personally dubbed it the 21 century search engine – there are great choices of background .Colourful look, stylish page coupled with the welcome message – Live search is evolving. Welcome to bing.  Made for the very curious  minds, it’s good to know much about how information is disseminated  to help us find them in a more organized and coherent  ways, while talking about the Bing feartures.

Today I download the MSN toolbar,  play with the colour effects and find myself  smiling. A way to say I am generally content with it. Now, am imitating the use of colours from the toolbar for my new blog, a  better way to be inspired.

Looking at the Bing, what it has or going to offer and applying the features make internet search simple and interesting.



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While I Wait To Bing


BING, the new search engine or rather the “decision search engine”(as termed by the creator,  microsoft) is realistically going to be interesting to use when it finally debut.Making decisions is one thing but having a computer search engine to make one for you is another. When computer makes a better decision for you, it is done with absolute perfection in variety of ways. It gives you room to make different choices which best suite your interest , that is what Bing search engine is meant to do for you and it will be highly prolific at that. What actualy captured my interest as an avid follower is the feartures. Although,some  of these feartures are nothing new to the internet world.Even Youtube employed some of these feartures within its environment for some time now. Some of these feartures, according to information provided in the video demo presentation on their site, it  includes cashback. A kind of guarantee, where they will give you your money back on great products you are not satisfied with – something of cash security. There is  another one called the price predictor (price prediction system incorporated into the search engine). That helps you to get a good price for products you are buying thereby helps you to save some cash. Certainly these the features much predicted to come online soon through Bing, which are new to search engines world. While the most interesting thing at the moment upon my first read of the information provided by the author is the organizing of things which have been put into every search that you make along with  added pimped background(very attractive) and many more subsequence advantages.

Howbeit, I have been looking forward to a search engine that will save time and give me what I want with absolute perfection. Despite those capibilities the Bing is looking forward to possess, I am still not sure how much results it can provide in terms of library size and information provisions on many issuse, and about Africa.

My intention is that,  I would love Bing to have an advanced search area  like the google’s where further information not available on the general searches is included. This advanced engine helps to provide precise desired information at that particular instance.Which is a benefit when incorporates effectively into good use. It carries with it  helping tools of added information you might probably be interested in at urgency.

The first thing that attracted my attention as an African is the demo about Bing question presentation. The question is,” what is the capital of Boswana?” The answer that follows states Gaborone, with a map illustration. From this perspective, it makes things more simple and well organized so that your argument can best be presented in a way that is more meaningful.

Bing coming along soon from Microsoft will mean competition to its rivalry google which has been on the internet search business for long time now with great foresight. My  hope is to see how much it  has  to offer in this regard. I hope everything about the site is going to be totally free of charge – which hasn’t be coroborated by the company team yet.

The BING website is at


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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!


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