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Bing is finally up working



 Bing search  engine debut today on the  1 June, 2009.  I coincidentally run into it and it’s remarkably wonderful to use . Nevertheless, the new idealogy behind it has meet up to my expectation. With the MSN new toolbar added  makes it look like the 21 century search engine. I would personally dubbed it the 21 century search engine – there are great choices of background .Colourful look, stylish page coupled with the welcome message – Live search is evolving. Welcome to bing.  Made for the very curious  minds, it’s good to know much about how information is disseminated  to help us find them in a more organized and coherent  ways, while talking about the Bing feartures.

Today I download the MSN toolbar,  play with the colour effects and find myself  smiling. A way to say I am generally content with it. Now, am imitating the use of colours from the toolbar for my new blog, a  better way to be inspired.

Looking at the Bing, what it has or going to offer and applying the features make internet search simple and interesting.



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